KJN - Tightening systems

Press-Fit System.

The Rexroth press-fit system is ideal for use in todays flexible automated production lines. The modular construction permits easy & quick integration of the system. The press is simply mounted with 4 bolts on a base frame. The control allows the process can be broken down into a number of force or distance controlled steps. This ensures exact optimisation of the press-fit process. High flexibility is guaranteed by the fact that a number of programmes can be selected. This allows easy change to different variants / product lines. Tightening System 300 The control also facilitates the storage of the press results giving full traceability of the assembly process.

The Rexroth Tightening System 300 has been developed to meet todays fast changing production needs. As product lifetimes become shorter, coupled with a greater number of variants of the basic product, the need for a modular & flexible bolting system has become paramount. The Rexroth Tightening System 300 meets these needs. The modular construction of the control and tightening components means that changes in line balance or the addition of spindles can easily be achieved.

The tightening system 300 is available in Single or Multi-Spindle configuration. ErgoSpin Hand-Held Nutrunner With its ergonomic design, the Rexroth ErgoSpin provides all the cutting edge technology needed to control and monitor tightening processes. The hand-held nutrunner is also available as a single or multi-channel configuration.

Our common platform gives a great deal of flexibility, for example: There is an existing 4 spindle-multi station & due to a change in the process an additional hand-held (ErgoSpin) tool is required at the same station. The ErgoSpin control cards would simply be fitted in the spare slot of the existing 4-spindle system. This is a very quick and cost effective solution.