CNC Specialist Machining Services



We are experts in aluminium precision engineering, machining and fabrication. We know first-hand that the prototyping or cutting of aluminium can be difficult if you do not have the machinery in-house. We have created a service that removes these challenges, by offering milling, turning & multi-axis machining to businesses that require a precision cutting solution.


Who is the CNC service for?


KJN’s specialist machine service is for anyone that requires aluminium cut to specification. Whether that be your own material e.g. Box Section, Channel, Flat Section or purchased from our array of aluminium profiles and extrusions. We have the capabilities and expertise to ensure your aluminium specifications are met to high standards. 

Businesses that can benefit from the CNC specialist machining service:

  • Engineering
  • Fabricators
  • Prototyping
  • Test Equipment
  • POS


Why use KJN CNC machining services?


We have specialised in precision engineering and aluminium profile since 1997. During that time we have continued to invest in CNC controlled machining and cutting technology and expand our capabilities.

Our 4 axis CNC controlled machining and cutting technology is capable of cutting heavy-duty and non-ferrous materials. Due to our highly efficient process, we have the ability to handle and cut large batch quantities simultaneously, which is why our pricing is so competitive.


What machines do we use? 


Double headed mitre saws

Our double headed Mitre saw cuts from 20mm up to our standard length of 6000mm for our aluminium profile. For other types of non-ferrous metals, a maximum length of 10,000 mm can be cut. Dual heads allow for precision dual cutting and multiple angle cuts between 20 degrees and 90 degrees.


High capacity automated production saw

Allows multiple lengths to be precision cut in one cycle.

Ideal for large batch quantities and can manage larger size profiles and non-ferrous materials with ease.


4 Axis machining centres

Capable of rotating the 4 metre long machine bed which allows for dual face machining resulting in faster processing times. Tool magazine holds 8 tools at once allowing multiple functions in one cycle.


CNC router machine

For cutting and machining foam inserts, aluminium tooling plate, rubber, plastics,& nylon for use in various applications such as robots, test enclosure, test rigs. With a sheet size capacity of 3 metres x 2 metres. The routers allow us to offer another dynamic to the services we can offer which complement our aluminium profile and components systems.


KJN CNC Service

How does our CNC Machining service work? 


It is a 3 Steps Process...

  1. Send us your material and specifications 
  2. We will then cut your material to your requirements
  3. We then ship it back to you


Require our specialist CNC machining service? Email our friendly team for a quote.