Custom Machine Guarding

We provide safe and compliant custom machine guarding/machine enclosures suitable for any workplace environment or production area. 

We have been keeping machine workers safe with our machine guarding solutions since 1997. A quick and safe solution for guarding equipment, machinery, walkways, robots and production areas. 

Custom Machine Guarding KJN Custom Machine Guarding

KJN’s range of machine guarding solutions are used throughout the manufacturing industry due to its versatility, durability and protection standards. 

Our machine guarding solutions are designed to provide protection against the risk of injury or death caused by contact with moving parts. Our guarding system consists of various panel and fencing sizes which mount onto an upright post using a simple but strong suspension bracket. Adding a door kit to a panel provides access points where required.

We offer custom-made panels and doors that can be manufactured in any size, shape, thickness and material type. The design is fully customisable so it can be tailored to suit individual needs and requirements. This is due to our full in-house design and engineering capabilities, we can work flexibly with you to develop a bespoke solution that meets the needs of your business and your environment. 

All our products are made from heavy-duty aluminium profiles that will last for years without rusting or corroding, even when exposed to harsh environments. 


Types of Machine Guarding: 

  • CNC Machine Guard
  • Milling Machine Guards
  • Drilling Machine Guards



  • Protect workers from injury or death
  • Prevent expensive downtime and machine repairs
  • Ensure the safety of your workers is a priority


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